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Buy foreign currency notes

BookMyForex for USD currency notes

Personally usingforiegn currency notes

✅ Buy USD as an extra emergency fund. You can use it for your other non-Vietnam trips as well

✅ BookMyForex is an easy to use online service to get foreign currency

✅ You can keep the foreign currency if its not more than $2000 per person

❌ Place the order atleast 2 working days before you plan to leave

❌ Ensure you select product type as currency note and NOT travel card

Only Order USD currency notes in India

Cost of VND currency notes over USD currency notes in India
conversion rate on 31st July 2023INRVND (INRVND)USD (INRUSD)
BookMyForex Rate₹1,000₫222,222$12
Real forex rate₹1,000₫287,845$12.15
Conversion cost ₫65,623$0.15
Conversion cost %⛔ 22.8%1.2%