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Booking flight for Vietnam

Book Vietjet flight to Vietnam

Personally used

✅ Try booking early, you can get prices as low as ₹6,000

✅ ~₹5,000 is tax on every ticket hence prices can't go lower than that

✅ Extra ~₹2,000 for checked-in luggage

✅ If you plan to travel the entire country, try checking the cheapest current route eg: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang.

❌ Booking via the Vietjet site from July 2023 will incur 20% TCS. Opt for an Indian booking site that makes INR payments. Disable international transactions to prevent USD payment. [Note: Not applicable if your annual international spending on credit cards is less than INR 7 Lakhs.]

❌ Food in plane is expensive, you can even carry some airport food in flight.

Book Indigo flight to Vietnam

Personally used

✅ Cheaper flights on weekends than Vietjet

✅ More comfortable seats than Vietjet

✅ In-flight services accepts INR and USD, whereas Vietjet accepts VND and USD

✅ Payment gateway for booking flight tickets accepts American Express unlike Vietjet

✅ You can use Reward cards like Indigo ka-ching whereas Vietjet doesn’t have any partner program with any Indian credit card

✅ Takes their add-on services like priority check-in very seriously unlike Vietjet which at times denies this service at times even when charging for it.

✅ No extra charge for checked-in luggage unlike Vietjet

✅ No 20% TCS since INR payment occurs via the Indigo website.

❌ Flights from Delhi/Mumbai to Vietnam are not direct, rather via Kolkata. Vietjet has direct flights from Delhi/Mumbai to Vietnam.

Fellow passenger faced this
Checked-in luggage cost included in ticket price
Accepts Amex at payment gateway
Direct flight to Vietnam from India (0 stops)
Credit Card Reward Program
Accepts INR for in-flight services